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Our Services
Please Note: All our services are providing your pet is friendly.

Full Groom Small Dogs     $50 Trim Nails $10 and up depending on difficulty
Full Groom Medium Dogs $70 & up Remove Matts and Brush $25
Full Groom Large Dogs    $95 Shave additonal $10
Ears and Eyes $10 Brushing $15
Dispensing of Medication $2 Gift Certificates Available
dog bath
Do you want to bath your dog without the watery mess......
We are now offering our newest beyond boarding service
Splash & Bath.
Take your dog to our climate controlled bathing area and enjoy our do it
yourself dog bath.
Bring your own towels and dog shampoo and we will provide a comfortable and clean bathing area for you to bond with your pet. We also provide a dryer to complete the bath.
Both you and your dog can leave feeling clean and refreshed without the stress.